Sustainable and ready for the future

Natural refrigerants

We have been an ecological pioneer in environmental protection with our products for many years. Almost all models already work with natural refrigerants as standard or are optionally available with hydrocarbons or CO2.


The Unistat Tango

Thermodynamic excellence

Highly accurate and reproducible temperature control results in the shortest possible time – and without changing fluids.


Compact and whisper quiet

Piccolo® Peltier Cooler

Laboratory coolers with state-of-the-art Peltier technology for environmentally friendly cooling in laboratories and analytical equipment at working temperatures from 4 to 70 °C.


Hot. Hotter. Chili.

Chili® Heating Circulator

The Chili, which belongs to the Unistat product family, is the smallest heating thermostat in the Huber range and is suitable for applications with a closed temperature control circuit. The device has an operating temperature range of 65 to 300 °C.


Inspired by temperature

We are one of the leading suppliers of high-precision temperature control solutions for research and industry. We offer dynamic temperature control systems. Re-roll coolers as well as classical heating and cooling thermostats, if required individually for your application.

Shaping the future

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Inspired by temperature

Our company is one of the technologically leading suppliers of high precision temperature control solutions for research and industry. Worldwide, our products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes from -125 to +425 °C.