Precise temperature control solutions for numerous industries

In this area, we support you in selecting the right temperature control solution for your application. We offer models for virtually all industrial sectors. For many applications, we supply specially adapted special units, which we realize in direct cooperation with the customer.


There are numerous applications for our temperature control units in the automotive industry.

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In the field of aerospace technology, Huber temperature control units are used for environmental simulations and material testing, for example.

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Botanical extraction

During the isolation and refinement process of CBD or other cannabinoids, stable and precise temperature control helps.

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Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals

In chemical reaction engineering, precise temperature control has a decisive influence on production output or research results.

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Huber temperature control units ensure exact temperatures and stable, reproducible process conditions in research laboratories and production plants.

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Semiconductor / Electronics

Huber temperature control machines are used in the areas of semiconductors and electronics, for example, for temperature control of etching baths for wet chemical manufacture of wafers and microchips. 

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Our solutions are also used in these industries

In addition to our extensive range of series models, we offer customized heating and cooling solutions for OEM partners, machine builders and system suppliers. The spectrum of applications ranges from medical technology and analytical equipment to cooling installation kits and control technology for industrial applications.

Areas of application

  • Cooling water circuit
  • Component cooling
  • Material tests
  • Environmental simulation
  • Analytical equipment cooling
  • Solar technology
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • and much more

In the areas of basic research and scientific work, our series models are primarily used. The areas of application are diverse and range from routine tasks in the laboratory to complex research projects. Depending on the requirements, pure cooling systems as well as open bath thermostats or temperature control systems with closed fluid circuit are available. The possible operating temperatures range from -125 to +425 °C.

Fields of application

  • Material testing
  • Sample tempering
  • Cell cultivation
  • Crystal growth
  • Incubation
  • Analytics
  • Simulation
  • Syntheses
  • Scale-Up
  • Vacuum chambers
  • and much more

Our temperature control units are widely used in the field of environmental research to simulate natural processes or environmental conditions in the laboratory. They ensure precise temperature control within the research plant or apparatus. Further fields of application are the temperature control of material samples in open stainless steel baths for simulations, test series and long-term tests as well as temperature control applications in the fields of corrosion, environmental pollution, microorganisms, water/soil analysis, toxicology, building material testing, etc.

Areas of application

  • Temperature simulations
  • Environmental simulations
  • Water control

In the cosmetics industry, our temperature control units are used for quality control, shelf life testing and temperature simulation. There are further areas of application in research and development tasks on cosmetic base materials such as material testing, aging simulation and viscosity determination. In addition, our temperature control technology enables optimization of production yields and thermal stabilization of production processes.

Areas of application

  • Temperature simulation
  • Viscosity tests
  • Aging processes
  • Mold tempering
  • Reaction vessels
  • and much more

In the laser and optics sectors, our temperature control units are used, for example, to temper lasers. Our temperature control technology ensures reliable heat dissipation and frequency stabilization. Further applications can be found in the temperature control of test rooms and test benches as well as for the thermal control of optical test setups and measurement procedures.

Areas of application

  • Cooling of lasers
  • IR spectroscopy
  • Electron microscopes
  • and many more

In the food and beverage sectors, our temperature control units are used, for example, for temperature-dependent quality controls and test series. Another field of application are tests for shelf life determination as well as research tasks in the development of new food products. Our BFT series of forced-air thermostats is specially designed for determining the shelf life of beer.

Areas of application

  • Quality control
  • Forcing test
  • Shelf life determination
  • Temperature simulations
  • Freeze drying
  • Food development
  • Research tasks
  • and much more

In the field of medical technology, our series models are mainly used. The areas of application are diverse and range from tasks in research laboratories to installation in medical systems or devices. Depending on the requirements, cooling systems, open bath thermostats or temperature control systems with closed fluid circuit are available. The possible operating temperatures range from -125 to +425 °C.

Areas of application

  • Laboratory samples
  • Medical devices
  • Analysis systems
  • Cooling pads / wound care
  • X-ray equipment
  • Electropolishing
  • and much more

In the fields of solar and photovoltaic technology, our temperature control units are used for quality control, material testing, stress testing or in development and research tasks for solar modules. Our devices ensure precise temperature control of production equipment, test stands or research facilities. Another field of application is the cooling of electrical and electronic components and components of photovoltaic technology such as transformers and inverters. Our compact circulators of the Minichiller series are ideally suited for installation in photovoltaic systems.

Areas of application

  • Test series
  • Research tasks
  • Development of solar modules
  • Quality assurance
  • Mold tempering
  • and much more

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