Controller technology

Decision made easy - solutions for your application

With the modern Pilot ONE and the low-priced KISS/OLÉ, there are two controller types to choose from, depending on your needs. Depending on your budget and area of application, you choose a device that meets your requirements. Depending on the intended use, you decide on a low-priced model with KISS/OLÉ controller.

Or you can choose the Pilot ONE controller for a more extensively equipped device. Models with Pilot ONE offer the additional advantage that the range of functions grows with your needs thanks to E-grade - simply by activating a code.

Select controller

Function / Features KISS Controller OLÉ Controller Pilot ONE E-grade „Basic“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Exclusive“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Professional“
Controller parameter tuning predefined predefined predefined1 TAC (True Adaptive Control) TAC (True Adaptive Control)
Calibration for control sensor (Internal, Process) 1 Point 1 Point 2 Point 5 Point 5 Point
Monitoring (Level protection, Over temperature protection)2
Adjustable limit alarms
VPC (Variable Pressure Control)3
Venting program
Compressor automatic control
Set point limits
Programmer 3 Prg. / max. 15 steps 10 Prg. / max. 100 steps
Ramp function linear linear / non-linear
Temperature control mode (Internal, Process)
Max. cooling / heating power adjustable
Function / Features KISS Controller OLÉ Controller Pilot ONE E-grade „Basic“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Exclusive“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Professional“
Temperature Display OLED OLED 5,7" Touchscreen 5,7" Touchscreen 5,7" Touchscreen
Display Mode numeric numeric graphic, numeric graphic, numeric graphic, numeric, zoom
Display Resolution 0,1°C 0,1°C 0,1°C 0,1°C / 0,01°C 0,1°C / 0,01°C
Graphic display of temperature curves Window, fullscreen, scalable Window, fullscreen, scalable Window, fullscreen, scalable
Calendar, Date, Time
Language: DE / EN / FT / IT / ES / PT / CZ / PL / RU / CN / JP / KO / TR DE / EN DE / EN
Temperature format (°C / °F)
Gesture control
Favourites menu
User menues (Administrator level)
2nd set point
Function / Features KISS Controller OLÉ Controller Pilot ONE E-grade „Basic“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Exclusive“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Professional“
RS232 interface
RS485 interface
USB interface
RJ45 Ethernet interface
External control signal / ECS STANDBY5
Programmable volt-free contact / ALARM5
AIF (Analogue interface) 0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V6
Pt100 sensor connection (to measure and control external temperature)
Pt100 sensor connection (to display external temperature, not to control) 4 4
Function / Features KISS Controller OLÉ Controller Pilot ONE E-grade „Basic“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Exclusive“ Pilot ONE E-grade „Professional“
Alarm signal optical / acoustic
AutoStart (Mains failure automatic)
Plug & Play technology
Technical glossary
Remote Control via Spy-Software
E-grade Evaluation versions available (valid for 30 days)
Service data recorder (Blackbox)
Saving/loading of temperature control programs via USB
Saving/loading of device settings via USB
Process data logging direct to USB stick
Calendar start
Note: E-grade "Professional" installed as standard on all Unistats.
1 - 30-day evaluation version TAC function available
2 - For units with integrated over-temperature protection
3 - For models with variable-speed pump or an external bypass
4 - Pt100 external sensor connection optional, only available factory fitted (additional charge)
5 - Standard on Unistats, otherwise via optional Com.G@te or POKO/ECS interface
6 - Via optional Com.G@te

Controller functions in detail

Our Plug & Play controllers have been tried and tested since 1982. The modular concept is convincing in the event of servicing thanks to genuine Plug & Play and can be upgraded at any time using the latest flash technology. Thermostats and circulators function with a uniform operation - a decisive advantage for all users of different Huber temperature control units. The Pilot ONE controller can be used as a remote control via data cable. In terms of functionality and flexibility, the Pilot ONE breaks completely new ground.

The new Pilot ONE® speaks plain language, impresses with simple operation and provides constant information on all process-relevant data The color, graphics-capable TFT screen of the Pilot ONE displays all information in plain text. This means that the process temperature, the internal or jacket temperature, the pump pressure and all safety-relevant information can be read off easily and clearly. The display can be varied. In addition to a clear and comprehensive display of all data, the most important information (setpoint, actual values, internal and process as well as the set excess temperature value) can also be shown as a large display. This facilitates reading from a great distance and sharpens the view on the essentials. The resolution of the temperature display is 0.1 K or 0.01 K. Celsius or Fahrenheit can be selected as the temperature format. Depending on the equipment of the temperature control system, the pump speed or the maximum pressure can be continuously controlled. Incidentally, VPC (Variable Pressure Control) provides preventive protection against glass breakage. The parameters of the controlled system can be set manually or fully automatically with True Adaptive Control (TAC) - the intelligent, self-optimizing cascade control - thus guaranteeing the best control results with the highest dynamics. It is possible to restrict the operating range by setpoint limitations and to set the alarm behavior individually. In case of an alarm, a visual and an acoustic alarm signal can be activated. The clock and the calendar allow individual settings for the auto-start behavior in case of power failure or in idle mode. In addition, the control sensors can be calibrated extremely conveniently. Depending on the version, digital or analog interfaces enable data recording, connection of a Com.G@tes and integration into a process control system.

Every application requires special functions. The more universal the use of the temperature control system, the greater the demands on its functionality. The range of functions therefore grows with the complexity of the application. This is precisely where the E-grade innovation comes in. Models with the Pilot ONE already have a convenient range of functions for classic temperature control tasks in the basic version. With E-grade, this range of functions can be expanded at any time and thus adapted to special tasks and to the budget. E-grade stands for electronic upgrade and is very easy to use: To expand the range of functions, all you have to do is enter a device-specific activation key via the control panel. This is individually matched to the serial number of the device and is activated at the factory or, in the case of a subsequent order, simply communicated by e-mail. There is no need to intervene in the hardware or install new software. All Unistats are already equipped with the E-grade "Professional" as standard.

The E-grade "Explore" turns a Unistat into a development tool for process engineering. The E-grade is a further development of the existing Unistat technology and uses the features of the Unistats to display important process and performance data on the instrument display or for output via interfaces. E-grade "Explore" provides a wealth of information and measurement data about the process and is therefore ideally suited for process development and optimization, determination of heat balances and break-off criteria, use tests of starting materials and for extended data collection for scale-up trials.

With E-grade OPC-UA, Huber temperature controllers can communicate with Pilot ONE using the modern OPC-UA protocol. The OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture) communication protocol describes data semantically and thus enables data exchange between automation systems without the need to program a driver for this purpose. Huber temperature control units are ready for Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) with E-grade OPC-UA.