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Botanical extraction

High-precision temperature control solutions for botanical extraction

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The best for your extraction and distillation process

There is hardly a market with as much potential as the cannabis industry. Our temperature control units make your work easier and increase efficiency through

  • extremely fast heating and cooling rates due to small housing volumes
  • intelligent TAC functions for continuous performance control
  • absolutely reliable and reproducible results at any time

During the isolation and refinement process of CBD or other cannabinoids, stable and precise temperature control can be helpful in many ways, such as reduced process time, increased solvent recovery, and improvements in product purity. Robust and reliable temperature control not only increases process efficiency, but also allows the development of precise and repeatable methods.

These easily replicable temperature control patterns enable greater and more consistent yields. Reducing the time to reach the process-critical temperature increases the number of batches that can be completed in a workday or shift. For every aspect of the extraction process, increased efficiency means a higher return on investment. Reliability is also a key factor. When you're under high pressure to meet schedules or fulfill customer requests, a production shutdown can be costly.

Areas of application

Application examples

Hydrocarbon extraction

In hydrocarbon extraction, operators often use the Huber CC and Unistat series to cool solution tanks, material columns and various components. The target temperature is generally between -40 °C and -80 °C. Huber heaters, such as KISS 202 and CC-315B are often used on the solvent evaporation side of these closed loop systems.

Ethanol extraction

Unistats and Cool Smart CS chillers are mostly used in ethanol extraction. The ethanol is brought to temperature in a storage tank and then fed into the process. Heat exchangers and once-through chillers can also provide cooling of the ethanol. These applications require large volumes to be cooled quickly. This requires a high cooling capacity in the range of -20 °C to -80 °C.

CO2 extraction

Temperature control plays a critical role in CO2 extraction. The columns are heated and cooled, as are the feed and solvent lines, to maintain extraction temperatures and solvent pressure and temperature. The Unistat T305 heater unit and Cool Smart CS chiller are typically combined with these units.

Ice water extraction

Huber chillers are not commonly seen, but are sometimes used in ice water recovery. Jacketed tanks are cooled down to temperature in this process to increase efficiency and reduce resource consumption. As production goals increase, so do equipment requirements, and thus cooling and heating capacity. Huber's standard range starts at cooling capacities of 280 watts at 15 °C up to 130 kW at 15 °C. Operation remains simple from the smallest to the largest unit. Interfaces facilitate automation, monitoring and logging. Production requirements are critical and flexibility is a desirable option, especially with changing production targets. For this reason, it is easy to operate Huber machines in parallel as "redundant systems". This also provides a certain degree of security, since reserve capacity is always available if needed. On an industrial scale, Huber units offer highly efficient pumps and robust heating and cooling systems. These large temperature control units (TCU's) can be easily integrated into large production facilities. Huber's large TCU's are capable of efficiently tempering process vessels and reactors with volumes up to 2,000 liters. Such large volumes can be cooled to low temperatures without the use of liquid nitrogen. Huber products commonly used in these large bulk applications include units rated at 60 kW at -40 °C (Unistat 680) and units rated at 25 kW at -60 °C (Unistat 950).


To remove unwanted fats and waxes, cannabis extracts are often suspended in a solution and the temperature is lowered below ambient. Maintaining the product at temperatures below -20 °C in a jacketed vessel can be accomplished using a Huber Unistat or a Huber Compatible Control System. The advantage of a Unistat is that the temperature to initiate the winterization process is reached faster than with an open bath unit, thus reducing the number of batches processed per shift. The most suitable unit depends on the size of the process vessel, the time to temperature requirements and the target temperature.


Advanced filtration often requires a wide temperature range. For example, a process temperature of -80 °C facilitates the removal of fats and waxes by filtration. Conversely, higher temperatures (e.g. 40 °C) are required for certain bleaching processes. No matter what your temperature requirements are, Huber has a solution.

Solvent recovery

The heart of any solvent recovery system is the chiller. Robust and reliable chillers prevent breakdown and maximize solvent recovery. Huber chillers are ideal for recovery systems such as rotary evaporators and falling film evaporators. Solvent recovery generally requires condenser temperatures from -10 °C to 0 °C, Huber CS Chillers as well as Unichillers are often used for these applications.


The extract is decarboxylated by heat. By breaking up the carboxyl group, not only are certain cannabinoids activated, but residual solvents or volatiles are also separated. Temperature requirements at this stage of the process are usually between 90 °C and 150 °C. Huber heating thermostats are often used to achieve these higher temperatures.


Recrystallization of cannabinoids usually takes place in a jacketed reactor. To maximize productivity, precise and responsive temperature control is essential. Automation is easily achieved with the Pilot ONE programmer, which allows user-defined cycles and temperature ramps to be created and, if necessary, saved to a USB flash drive. With the Unistat series, the isolate preparation process has never been easier or more efficient. Most commonly used is the CC-508, Unistat 410 or Unistat 525.

Recipes & Quality Control

In the final stages of processing, extracts are often blended or mixed in formulations. Whether to facilitate a reaction, aid homogenization or promote emulsification, temperature control is often required in the final stages of manufacturing. Huber has a solution for every application and for every temperature. As standards evolve, quality control will become increasingly important in the cannabis sector. Huber recoolers and heated baths regularly play a role in analytical and quality control laboratories around the world.


Whether heat exchanger, sensor options or automation - we design individually suitable solutions tailored to your applications.

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